Betting Games to Play During NFL Draft

Each and every year the NFL draft is becoming more and more popular and is becoming a holiday of sorts for NFL and football fans. For example: “Which will be higher: Number of Linebackers drafted in round 1, or number of players selected from Florida colleges in round 1?”

. Aside from food, friends, and beverages, there’s no better way to increase the fun had during the NFL draft than by placing small bets with your friends. There may be several side-pots at any given point.

What if Nobody is Correct?

If nobody puts money in the bowl of the correct player, all of that money goes into a general pot, and the next person to correctly guess a player gets that money in addition their other winnings.

What if there is still money in the pot after round 1 ends?

If the day or round ends and there’s still money left to be won, the game goes to “overtime”. This represents any player who is not a label on the other 4 bowls.

Because it can be kind of hectic labeling the bowls in between picks, it’s recommended that you rotate labeling responsibilities every 5 picks, so everyone has time to enjoy the draft.

It’s also recommended to find a list of the top 50 players in the draft and use that to pre-create some labels, so you don’t have to write down names during the draft.

To deter any cheating or foul play, it’s best if all bets are placed as soon as possible, that all contestants stay off of Twitter, and that no bets may be changed after a certain time (like less than 2 minutes left on clock).

Creating between 10 and 20 of these questions and putting $1 down for each is a fun and creative way to think about the draft. The first person to get a pick correct gets all the money.


For the first 10 picks of the draft, it is often more fun to have the 5th bowl labeled as “Rest of Field” instead of an actual player name. The mocks will then be scored and the money distributed in a way agreed upon (aka winner 75%, 2nd place 25%). At this point, no more money is bet. Score the mock strictly by where the player is drafted with no regards to team using the following system:

Correct player in exact spot = 5 points

Correct player 1 spot off (+/-) = 3 points

Correct player 2 spots off (+/-) = 2 points

Correct player 3 spots off (+/-) = 1 point

Game 4: Your Big Board (non-betting)

This is not a betting game, but rather an exercise that allows you to better understand the draft’s depth and players.

Before the draft, create a printout, posterboard, or individual cards with approximately 75-100 of the draft’s top players arranged from top to bottom according to your preferences and team needs, as if you were the general manager. This is a fun exercise when your team is drafted, as you can see who you would pick at this point and can watch players literally “come off the board”.

On a fireplace, hutch, or other surface near the TV, place 5 bowls. Each and every pick, each person must choose 1 player they m88th believe will be drafted at that pick, and it cannot be the same player anyone else has chosen (aka they must all be unique). For this game, each person should make a mock draft of the first round (picks 1-32) and bet $10. Of those people, the next person to win gets all the money in the bowls and all the relevant pots. Here are some more sample prop bets:

Game 2: Prop Bets

With this game, brainstorming the bets and categories is almost as much fun as choosing the bets and watching them unfold live.

For each pick in the draft, tape 1 name below each bowl, to give a total of 5 names for each and every pick.

Before each pick, each person in the room places $1 in the bowl of the player they think will be drafted.

The person who correctly guesses the drafted player wins all the money in the bowls.

What About Trades?

If a pick is traded, everyone may remove their dollar bet and, after the bowls are re-labeled (if necessary), change their bet to a new player.

What About Ties?

If 2 or more people select the same player and are correct, all of the money goes into a specially labeled side pot. Some watch it to see where their favorite college players get drafted, some watch the draft for the drama and trades, and many watch it to see which players their favorite team will be building its future around.

Game 1: Betting Bowls

With the NFL draft having moved to prime time in 2010, it’s now easier than ever to watch the draft and throw parties on draft day 1 (and beyond). The premise is simple: given 2 scenarios which will result in a number, which scenario will produce a larger number. Doing any or all of the following games or activities is a great way to stay invested in each and every pick and keep the energy level high.

Wide Receivers drafted in round 1 OR Pick number at which first Wide Receiver is


The number of the first pick traded OR the number at which the first Running Back is selected.

Number of trades in the top 10 picks of round 1 OR number of trades in the bottom 10 picks of round 1.

University of Florida players drafted in round 1 OR Pac 10 players drafted in

round 1.

Game 3: Mock Drafts

Mock drafts are getting more and more popular and easier to do all the time with sites like ESPN and providing tools to create mock drafts

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Was my sports bet legal?

(So far, it appears he did not.)

But a worthwhile question Fortune readers may have, especially as March Madness season fast approaches, is what a typical person–one that doesn’t have a hand in the business–is permitted to do in terms of sports betting.

The answer, it turns out, is far from simple. And of course they’re de rigueur around newsrooms too: one source told Fortune that a newspaper reporter once interviewed him for a story about the illegality of sports pools, only to have the story killed at the eleventh hour. Nelson Rose, gaming law expert and author of an internationally syndicated column called Gambling and the Law. In addition, Connecticut, Florida, Nevada, Puerto Rico and Rhode Island all allow the taking of bets on jai alai, a popular sport for gamblers. The reason: laws about gaming, or legalized betting (as opposed to “gambling” which is usually unlawful) are murky, vary state to state, and are hotly debated.

According to Chuck Humphrey, a Colorado attorney specializing in gambling law, the basic gist of the law boils down to a distinction few people know or make: the laws are different for the person making the bet, or the bettor, and the person taking the bet, i.e. The making of bets, he says, is legal (or at least isn’t prosecuted) in most states, including California and New York. the bookmaker or, in more informal situations, the person running a pool. Humphrey says that March Madness pools are usually not prosecuted because they typically do not involve anyone making money other than the bettors. “Even if it’s with an illegal bookie, the bettor is not m88 violating a law.”

But with a few exceptions, anti-gambling laws have traditionally been state issues, not a matter of major concern to federal lawmakers.

About half of the 50 states do have ancient laws on the books that criminalize the making of bets. could get revenues of anywhere from $3 to $15 billion if it legalized Internet gambling.

The takeaway, then, is that for most readers, your occasional bets at the racetrack, keno games in bars, and participation in March Madness pools won’t be bringing the feds to your door anytime soon.

Those running the pools, however, are technically breaking the law. As for those using the sites, Humphrey says, “enforcement actions against individuals are just about non-existent.” In 2010, notably, New Jersey became the first state to legalize some forms of online gambling (Washington, on the other hand, recently made it a felony to bet on the Internet).

Some politicians are starting to lobby for looser laws, pointing to the potential economic help that regulated gambling could bring. But it likely won’t set off alarms with law enforcement. “States are divided on this,” he points out, which makes establishing an overall, unified set of laws complicated.

What about online betting? Thanks to the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), the online operator of a betting site is committing a crime by accepting money from U.S. Especially considering that, as one source shared with us, there are basketball tournament betting pools going on even at some District Attorney’s offices. Of course, in Vegas casinos, all betting is legal.

Unsurprisingly, Anthony Cabot, a well-known international gaming attorney based in Las Vegas, says the issue of sports gambling continues to confuse almost all non-experts. “The common mistake is to assume the laws are the same for both parties,” Humphrey says. In terms of “social betting” –like a low-stakes poker game–Rose says authorities look the other way. “There is no federal law that makes it a crime to make a bet,” says Professor I. Most of them make room to permit “calcuttas,” or betting auctions most often used with March Madness pools. The legality of his wagers has not officially been questioned and most chatter has instead focused on the ethics of his gambling and on whether he violated any rules of the various sports’ governing bodies. (In other words, the person running a pool typically does not take a cut.)

Where is bookmaking legal? Each of the following states allows for some sort of bet-taking, though what is permissible is highly specific, so this doesn’t mean you can legally begin a new career as a bookie: Alaska; Delaware; Mississippi; Montana; Nevada; New Mexico; North Dakota; Oregon; Washington; and Wyoming. From March Madness to online poker — what’s legal and what’s not in the complex (and lucrative) world of sports betting.

This month, Fortune delves into the story behind Ted Forstmann’s controversial sports betting history in the story “Ted Forstmann’s bad bet.” The facts have by now been well documented: last fall, prompted by a lawsuit, Forstmann–who heads IMG, one of the biggest talent agencies in the world–acknowledged he had placed bets on NCAA college basketball, pro football, and tennis matches involving IMG clients (though Forstmann appears to have stopped betting on college sports before entering that business). However, the government only gets involved if it’s serious–say, in the case of a large-scale betting ring, or organized crime. The taking of a bet, however, is illegal in almost all states.<!– more –>

That’s the case with federal law, too. Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank (D) has been the leading proponent of the charge, and in 2007, U.S. The reason? His editor was organizing his own pool.

More on sports betting:

. residents to fund their accounts. Representative Jim McDermott (D), Washington, cited an estimate that the U.S. “Federal laws have generally switched from prohibition to grudging permission,” he says.

Above board betting

A small number of states do have laws enabling the taking of bets, or bookmaking

Trump nomination odds wane in online betting, third party run bets up | Reuters

8 general election.

Odds on Rubio, a U.S. SAP had no editorial involvement in its creation or production.

(Reporting by Dan Burns; Editing by Toni Reinhold)

The billionaire businessman is still the prohibitive favorite, but it was the steepest slide in his imputed chances since his second-place showing in the Iowa caucuses on Feb. Trump’s chances of trouncing Clinton sank to 27 percent on Friday from 39 percent in late February. PredictIt put the chances of him running as an independent at 17 percent on Friday, from 14 percent on Thursday and 10 percent a week ago.

Online wagering venues such as Ireland’s PaddyPower, which express candidates’ prospects as traditional sports-betting odds, show Trump losing luster as Rubio and Cruz gain steam. 23. . PaddyPower’s odds show Trump as a 2-to-5 favorite compared with a 1-to-7 favorite right after Super Tuesday.

Trump faces withering attacks from rivals Ted Cruz and Marco m88 Rubio and from 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who labeled him a danger to the Republican party and the United States.

This article was funded in part by SAP.

NEW YORK Donald Trump’s prospects of winning the Republican nomination for the White House have slid sharply in online wagering venues, and bets that Republicans could have a fractured convention or that Trump may run as a third-party candidate were increasing.

Chances of Trump claiming the Republican mantle have fallen hard to 69 percent after cresting at 86 percent this week following his winning seven of 11 states in Super Tuesday voting, according to PredictWise, which aggregates betting on multiple venues into an implied probability.

Intense squabbling among Republican candidates and efforts by establishment Republicans to block a Trump nomination at this summer’s Republican National Convention boosted bets that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the favorite for the Democratic nomination, would win the Nov.

Republican infighting is fueling betting that Republicans will have a so-called brokered convention, which occurs when no candidate wins a majority of delegates before the convention, or that Trump will run as a third-party candidate.

Chances that Trump would run as a third-party candidate have ticked higher, but it remains a long-shot in betting circles. senator from Florida, narrowed to 4-to-1 from 5-to-1 on Tuesday, and odds for Cruz, a U.S. 1. major-party convention was in 1952 when Democrats nominated Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson on the third ballot. senator from Texas, were 9-to-1 from 12-to-1 earlier this week.

The last brokered U.S. They were 39 percent early on Friday.

On PredictIt, a site aggregated into PredictWise probability, Trump’s chances were 70 percent early Friday, up slightly from late Thursday when they fell to 68 percent, their lowest since Feb. PredictIt is operated by Victoria University in New Zealand. It was independently created by the Reuters editorial staff.

Clinton’s prospects of winning a head-to-head contest against Trump shot to above 60 percent earlier this week and stood at 57 percent on Friday, according to PredictIt. Neither candidate won the presidential election.

Chances for a brokered convention closed at 40 percent on Thursday on record volume in betting on PredictIt after starting the week at 23 percent. The last brokered Republican convention was in 1948, when New York Governor Thomas Dewey won in three ballots

Slot Technician Training Las Vegas

You must be skilled enough to work alone, likewise, be comfortable under supervision. It is a demanding job, casinos and slots are very popular, but the rewards are plenty.

You must be 21 years old to work in a casino, prepare to work any or all shifts in addition to holidays. Having a professional appearance and demeanor are mandatory. As you acquire experience and move up the ladder, you will enjoy more privileges and better wages. Slot technician training Las Vegas style, will consist of learning how to inspect and replace gears, connectors and cables on mechanical slots. Being able to lift more than 50 pounds is required. A Slot Tecj job can be a great career choice.

Since the technology moves so quickly, you will no doubt be expected to attend classes or receive instruction periodically to keep up to date in your expertise. Technicians with experience, who have demonstrated their honesty and trustworthiness, may advance to the position of slot key person. If available, you should also try to take courses in money validation, slot communications, monitor and ticket printer repair. Most of the new slots are now electronic, requiring the use of a hand held computer to diagnose and assess the condition of the machines.

If you are physically capable, cool under pressure and willing to enjoy a boisterous atmosphere, this may be the job you’ve dreamed of doing. Knowledge of graphics software is an advantage when becoming a slot tech.

If you would enjoy a fast paced environment with a 24 hour a day 7 day a week opportunity to work, you would be happy working and living in Las Vegas. Plus the experience of being in Las Vegas, home of Elvis impersonators, famous celebrities and non stop action sounds fun doesn’t it.. Having access to large sums of money can be a little breathtaking. The advantages, you will be supervising other employees, resetting machines after payoffs, verifying and paying winning customers and refilling the slots with cash or tickets. Have fun while you are there. If you have already taken courses in electronics or basic electricity, there is a possibility to train on the job. They offer certificates and associate degrees in gaming machine maintenance and repair. If you enjoy working in a fast paced environment, and repairing and maintaining electronics, there might be the place for your skills. There are magazines styled for slot techs that might enlighten you to some of the responsibilities expected of you if you decide to train for this type of career. Otherwise, you will be able to locate a slot tech school Las Vegas, such as a community college. If you are going to work in a casino, have good oral and written skills, be personable with guests and be able to communicate effectively.

There is a real demand for slot technicians in Las Vegas.

To train for these positions, you will need a high school diploma or a GED. Standing for prolonged periods of time is a part of the job, besides being agile, to kneel and bend

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Tackling vices one by one, Philippines president targets online gaming | Reuters

However, as the Philippines looks to boost tourism, its burgeoning market for integrated casino resorts, touted as a new Asian hotspot after Macau and Singapore, is unlikely to be targeted, industry executives and Pagcor said.

“It is not quite clear what the president really wants and what the endgame is.”

The Philippine gaming industry is one of Asia’s most freewheeling, attracting scores of online foreign companies over the last decade to set up servers aimed at overseas punters, and has lured investments of billions of dollars in casino resorts.

“With the strong and repeated pronouncement of the president, there is no choice,” Andrea Domingo, head of Pagcor, the state regulator of casinos and online gambling, told Reuters. Japanese billionaire Kazuo Okada is expected to open a $3-billion casino resort in Manila’s Entertainment City by year end.

Annual economic losses from halting Philweb’s contract and closing down e-bingo outlets would be about 10 billion pesos ($214 million), said Pagcor, which is a gaming operator in addition to its role as regulator.

“As we wind down the operations over the next few days, we will have to assess what that means for our operations in the short term,” its president, Dennis Valdez, told reporters.

Duterte declared war on online gambling soon after being sworn in on June 30, saying, “Online gambling must stop. “Electronic gaming can never take credit for that.”

Philweb has started winding down operations and is working with Pagcor to retain the jobs of its 5,000 employees.

But Duterte’s position on online gaming hosted in the Philippines for bettors from overseas remains to be clarified, Pisano added. This is out of control.”

($1=46.7390 Philippine pesos)

Pagcor is also looking into the activities of the Philippines’ special freeport zones that issue licenses to foreign online gaming firms, Domingo added.

Last week, Duterte, nicknamed ‘the Punisher,’ singled out Philweb’s chairman, Roberto Ongpin, one of the richest men in the southeast Asian nation, as an example of an oligarch who benefited while the poor suffered.

(Editing by Clarence Fernandez)

“I doubt if anyone expected what happened,” said a former top official at Pagcor, who asked not to be identified as he was not allowed to speak to the media.

Until recently, Filipinos could gamble in licensed online cafes, as well as casinos, but Duterte refused to renew the exclusive license of the operator of more than 300 such cafes, Philweb Corp, after its permit expired on Wednesday.

The Philippines is the base for most Asian international online gambling operators, who hold licenses issued by its Cagayan economic zone. These operators, forbidden to accept bets from locals, have been allowed to keep operating. It has sprouted here and there.

Philweb’s shares lost more than 50 percent to hit lows not seen since 2008 after Ongpin resigned last week, telling shareholders he hoped his action would help get the company’s license renewed.

MANILA/HONG KONG After unleashing a crackdown on drugs, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is turning his guns on a booming online gaming industry, abruptly scrapping one firm’s 13-year monopoly this week and denouncing its billionaire chief as a corrupt oligarch.

REGULATOR ALSO LOOKING INTO FREEPORT ZONES. “It’s business as normal for now,” said Joe Pisano, chief executive of Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies, based in the capital, Manila.

That will add to the flashy properties of Melco Crown’s City of Dreams Manila and Philippine billionaire Ricky Razon’s Solaire property, controlled by Bloomberry Resorts Corp, which have already opened.

“We are there to bring in foreign tourists and foreign dollars,” said a Manila-based casino executive who declined to be named, as he was not authorized to speak to the media

Smiley – born with no eyes – Scrappy animals who beat the odds – Pictures

We have to have someone rescue us or we’ll be “next”… The dogs, Kala and Keira, were just one day away from being euthanized at a shelter when Georgia rescue group Angels Among Us Pet Rescue posted their picture online, which spread like wildfire across social media.

Its caption read: “I’m Kala.

In July 2015, a heartbreaking photo of two shelter dogs hugging went viral. This is Keira. She won’t come back and I’ll cry. We’re so scared in here… They’ll come for me next and I won’t be as brave. She gave me hope when I had none. If no one saves us, someone will take her away from me. We’ve comforted each other while we were here. Now it’s over.”

The post shattered the hearts of dog lovers across the country, but the dogs have yet to find a “forever family” and are now living in a temporary foster home waiting to be adopted.

. I’ll see her as she goes down the hallway. today is our deadline

Sports Betting

You can see what your bankroll would have been if you chased. You are now 7 units up. It is easy to just double up on a couple of bets to try and recoup your losses, but what if you lose those bets, too? You’re only human and you will want to chase those losses, but if you stick to your original budget and plan, it will pay off and it will all make sense at the end of the season.

You must have discipline, as this is the foundation you must have in order to properly and successfully manage your money and place wise wagers. Be stingy! Allow yourself only enough to equal to what you can afford to lose over the entire season. Whoops! Now you lose 3 in a row, but you are still up 4 units. Just remember to stay in control of your money.

Whether you are at your local track, playing online, or just betting a group of co-workers or friends on a game, there are several factors to keep in mind.. Typically you need to spend only 5% of that stash. You need to limit yourself to what you can and will bet. Sure, every once in a while spurge and double your bet if it is on a strong play and not what you want to be a strong play. locks and ‘sure things’.

So, go ahead and visit your favorite online sports betting site. Stick to your plan, but write down all the times you wanted to chase your losses through the season. Example: You have an excellent winning streak, 8 wins and 1 loss. Go ahead and try it. You lose discipline you lose your money. This is probably the hardest thing about being successful at wagering over a period of time. Two things do not exist in the real world…. Ah, but now it is easy to lose your focus and forget your previous wins. Profits do speak volumes.

With so much sports betting being done online these days and sports betting online being so accessible to everyone, money management is a must! Unless you own a bank, and even if you do, you can’t afford to throw your whole bankroll on a game and if you lose, just grab another

Are Online Sweepstakes Worth the Effort?

She’s won electronics, vacations and even a car through sweepstakes.

But I posit: It’s hard to get all worked up about not winning a contest — who can know if it was a scam or the odds.

Use Autofill Shortcuts to Complete Forms   Download and install a form filler program. A personal e-mail inbox can get filled up with extra e-mails.

We asked the folks at the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) about these contests online to determine if the legal issues for Internet contests are different from those in the real world, and they told us they are exactly the same. I used the general ABC street address and bought a prepaid phone to handle any incoming calls or texts.

They’re on almost every Web site and Facebook page: annoying pop-up sweepstake ads offering free vacations and iPods, for example. It might be a sweepstakes that is being held for one day, week or month. The less time the sweepstakes is available for entering, the fewer people who will find out about it. These were premium text scams, third party companies get you to enter a PIN and accept their charges. Every pop-up offer I encountered, I said yes. But can anyone actually win anything?

I didn’t accept any of the premium text offers, but I did continue to enter contests. A winnable sweepstakes is one that gives better odds for winning a prize. I also entered Facebook contests where you become a fan of a company or group to gain a chance to win.

Becky’s Diary

Only Play the Best Odds   Start by entering the most winnable sweepstakes and instant win games. It might be a sweepstakes that offers more prizes (1,000, 2,000, 10,000, etc.) so more people have a chance of winning. By focusing on the winnables, players have better odds of winning a prize.

Wendy Limauge, founder and blogger for, reveals her top four secrets to becoming a professional and successful sweeper. But many Twitter contests looked completely bogus, including one offered by a guy with 72 followers and a page rife with typos.

Create a Separate E-mail Address   Sign up for a free e-mail address to use just for entering sweepstakes. The site searches for grand prizes and only publishes premium giveaways such as international vacations and home makeovers. Or, maybe it is restricted in some way. Did she win, or did she make her life miserable with spam and telemarketers?

Safeguard Against Scams   Watch out for scams and sweepstakes that sell players’ information. Skip anything that asks for a credit card number. I thought that would be enough to keep myself isolated from the contest solicitors, but almost every entry form mandated a phone number and street address. For an entire day, I committed to the task and ended up entering dozens if not a hundred or so contests.

So that leaves the big question; does anyone win these online contests?

And did I get texts! Almost instantly after filling out some contests’ entry forms I received text messages with a PIN number. Players will also get notified when they win a prize, but those e-mails could get lost among personal emails. is a sweepstakes aggregator with an interactive community identifying the highest quality sweepstakes so that users can quickly find and enter them. It might only be open to an entrant of a certain age group, or teachers, military members, or maybe just open to residents of a particular state. And never pay money to enter a sweepstakes. I searched Google for “contests” and just started entering one Internet sweepstakes after another. Some sweepstakes throw in special offers that must be opted out of by unclicking tiny boxes at the bottom of the online entry form. I found some that looked really legitimate like one on the site and one on the M&M’s site. A legitimate sweepstakes would never ask for it. Companies will send newsletters sponsoring the sweepstakes and confirmation e-mails once you enter some instant win games and sweepstakes. They exhorted me to go back to the entry area and enter the PIN so I could receive even more chances to win.

. Most seem like ploys to get more followers, including some very legit-looking contests from designer Vivienne Tam, and a Web site I know and like called DealsPlus. The purpose of contests is to generate buzz for a product or brand, not for them to make money from players.

Twitter proved to be an interesting new venue for contests. Users get free access to sweepstakes from across the Internet. They also find college scholarships to apply for; the search tools are free.

I decided to try entering online contests for myself. The Web site also has a sweepstakes community with forums and interactive comments where users can swap hints and information about general strategy as well as specific sweepstakes.


I created a new e-mail account to use with all the entry forms. While premium texting is a great way to pay for ringtones or use your mobile phone to donate to the Red Cross, it’s also an easy way to trick you into paying $10 a month or more into a black hole.

“Good Morning America” technology contributor Becky Worley spent an entire day entering contests and tracking results for a week. I wanted to keep my working e-mail account free of junk, but I also wanted to determine how much spam the contests generated. They are often free to download and install. publishes daily promotions and prizes. And they said they’ve never had a complaint about an online contest.

Top Sweepstakes Web sites


Buried on the Web sites was information about this resulting in a $9.99 monthly charge on my cell phone bill. I entered nine contests there. Autofill and Roboform are programs that help fill out entry forms without having to type the same information each time

Horse Racing, An out look

Some have made horse race betting their way of earning for living.

Horse racing has been categorized into two major types, flat race and jump race. Flat race is much popular and widespread in Europe and also in many areas of United States.

In horse racing, gambling has gone much widespread and people loose or win a lot of money in just hours, and this aspect has made horse racing much interesting and exciting. Race terms can be different as depend upon organizers and the local conventions about the game in that particular area. Thoroughbreds are very well known in horse racing due to their utmost agility and racing speed. Breeding race horses is another vast field, where millions of people are working on breeding, acting as care taker and habitat controllers and earning a lot.

Jump racing as evident in name, based on horse racing where the horse is supposed to jump over the hurdles of differ widths and heights. A number of people train their own horses and bring them to races to win money. Even today, horse racing is a show of royalty and it will be the favorite sport of millions of people all around the world. Jim Hardy is currently running his personal blogs and has presented his knowledge on various platforms.

. The sport has four hundred years old history, originated from the Roman Empire races. In this age, this sport is widely practiced in different parts of world, and people are fond of it.

Author’s Bio: 

There are certain species of horses which are optimum for racing purpose due to their certain physical strengths and attributes. Track surface can be grassy or a dirt track, an artificial surface known as polytrack is also used as well. In horse racing, winning three major games in a row is known as Triple Crown and is the most prestigious title in this game.

Horse racing has an identity of strength and show of power and wealth since the kingdom ages. Also gambling has made strong connections with this game. Jump racing is also known as hunting race and it is comparatively more popular in Europe.

Jim Hardy is an experienced writer, having an experience of years on writing such topics. Tracks are normally dirt surface or grassy, some marshy hurdles are also there to make it more variant. This sport is categorized as Sport of kings. Flat race is normally conducted on flat tracks of various lengths.

Horse racing which is also known as royal sport or sport of kings is considered to be the most favorite and popular sports in many areas of world